Teterboro office now open

After months of preparations, Amsterdam Software has opened its USA office at Teterboro Airport, New Jersey. The office provides support to customers in America.

Servicing both sides of the Atlantic

As the name suggests, since its foundation by Ries Vriend in 2000, Amsterdam Software has its head-quarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

New Year's day of 2012 saw Amsterdam Software opening an office at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, just 12 miles from downtown Manhattan. From Teterboro, we facilitate the rapidly expanding US market for FBO ONE, the enterprise standard for aircraft handling and fuel management. So training FBO ONE users now takes place at either side of the Atlantic: tulips and canals meets skyscrapers and yellow cabs. It is up to you whether you want us to treat you to a boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam, or have drinks in the Big Apple.

Marijn (Mike) Beck heads the Teterboro office, and is only a stone’s throw away if you need him.