KLM & FBO One to tease innovation

Amsterdam Software CEO Ries Vriend and KLM FBO Director Edwin Niemöller feature on the cover of Innoveer Magazine. Innoveer (Innovate) is the magazine of Syntens, the agency for development of the Dutch Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

Innoveer magazine opens with a teaser on the partnership between Amsterdam Software FBO One and KLM Jet Center.

The article outlines how the partnership between Amsterdam Software and KLM is a win-win for both parties, and ultimately benefits the Jet Centers clients. FBO One has enabled KLM Jet Center to optimize its front and back office processes. What makes FBO One unique in the industry is the online integration it provides between parties in the industry, such as FBO's, Eurocontrol/CFMU and operators such as NetJets Europe.

Innoveer is issued quarterly, has a circulation of 60.000 and is distributed to Dutch companies with over 5 staff members and aims to drive innovation and economic development in the Netherlands.

Innoveer Cover Full Size