Bangor, Maine, USA adopts FBO One

Bangor International Airport goes for Amsterdam Software’s FBO One

Bangor International, the closest US Port of Entry from Europe, has selected FBO One by Amsterdam Software as their new online tool for virtually all of the airport’s front and back office workflows. This choice makes life a lot easier for the staff at the large and bustling airport in the heart of Maine’s four season recreational areas.

Keeping track of the bigger picture

Bangor International Airport can handle any size aircraft presently flying—including the AN-225. Bangor’s handling services include GPU, air starts, lavatory and water service, aircraft cleaning, air conditioning and heat, bottled oxygen, preheats and arrangements for airframe maintenance. On-field aircraft maintenance services are available around the clock, as is de-icing for any type of aircraft with types I and IV fluid. Dispatch services and flight coordination are also available. And of course Bangor is open 24/7 for refueling, aircraft servicing, federal inspection, passenger services and all transit needs. Together, all these services provide a huge amount of planning, paperwork and communications between all parties and departments involved. Keeping track of the bigger picture is vital. That’s where FBO One comes in more than handy.

Optimizing information flow and revenue

Being an on-line tool easily accessible on any (mobile) device, one huge benefit of FBO One is the elimination of redundant data capture and data re-entry. FBO One connects and facilitates the workflow of the FBO customer service representatives, dispatch, ramp staff, refuellers, the accounting back office, and airport management. Before FBO One, Bangor’s daily flight programs were compiled by the Dispatch department using a stand-alone tool. These overviews were then distributed by fax and e-mail to the various stakeholders at the airport, such as the FBO’s service representatives and the line staff. During the day, these overviews could become outdated quickly. It was a job in itself to maintain and manage the flow of information. Now, with FBO One, all flight reservations are kept up to date in a central place to which all stakeholders have quick access, assuring better efficiency. Much more can be said about the added value FBO One brings to Bangor, of which the following two features are good examples. When aircraft arrive and remain parked overnight, FBO One tracks their current stand and automatically applies the ramp fees to the invoice, based on the customer’s contract rates and the aircraft type. Invoicing has also become a breeze: before FBO One, invoice data had to be re-entered manually, yet now FBO One not only produces invoices automatically but at the same time exports them into Sungard, the accounting system used by the City of Bangor. This saves a lot of time and eliminates dodgy paper trails, plus FBO One makes sure that all services rendered by Bangor International are invoiced automatically and thus no revenues are lost.

About Amsterdam Software

Amsterdam Software has successfully implemented the cutting edge FBO One service on all continents of the globe. The system processes some 40,000 actual aircraft arrivals and departures per month at around 100 ground handling locations.

At Bangor International, FBO One is used for:

Front office
• CRM and contract management
• Tracking all workflows for aircraft handling, in the categories general aviation, commercial airline flights, cargo/heavy duty flights and military.
• Service requests workflows
• Re-fuelling workflow
• Tracking all aircraft reservations and aircraft movements
• Sending handling confirmation messages
• Sending movement messages
• Automated fuel ticket processing through integration with the Veeder Root electronic fuel meters that are on all the airport’s fuel trucks
• Creating receipts, taking offline payments
• Taking online card payments
• Compiling and distributing operations reports

Back office
• Pricing of all fees, services and fuel
• Billing of services and fuel
• Fuel inventory control
• Keeping a detailed audit log
• Management reports and KPI’s

• Flight tracking, through interfaces with FlightAware and EuroControl/CFMU
• Interface to the City’s Sungard accounting system

Bangor International and Amsterdam Software will continue to work closely together to ensure FBO One is utilized to its full potential, and further develop and update the system to facilitate Bangor International in a competitive aviation market. In addition, Amsterdam Software will tirelessly be at Bangor’s side with IT and business support.

For further information on Bangor International Airport and Amsterdam Software’s FBO One, please contact Tony Caruso, Airport Director at or Ries Vriend, CEO of Amsterdam Software at